Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Publications and a contest

The December issue of of The Heron's Nest is online and ready for viewing.

A new issue of Notes from the Gean has been released.

Notes from the Gean

A new issue of Haiku Reality has also been released.


Romanian Haiku Contest

The editing board of the Journal of Romanian - Japanese cultural interferences «Haiku» will organize the annual competition for haiku poems in fixed form, during the first trimester of 2010. The competition is open to all poets. Send six haiku poems in 5-7-5 format to the address of Mr. Constantin Stroe, Şoseaua Giurgiului nr.125, Bloc 4Ş, Scara 1, Etaj 8, Ap.31, Sector 4, Bucureşti, Of.Poştal Bucureşti, România, or to the following email addresses: valentin.nicolitov@yahoo.fr (French), and vasilemoldovan@yahoo.com (English). Deadline is March 31, 2010.

Only original haiku poems will be accepted, which have not been previously published in newspapers, journals, author volumes, or in any other forms up to the date of the competition. Hand-written text will not be accepted; texts should be list typed, with correct diacritical symbols and signed.

The texts of the foreign authors should be written in English or French as well as in the original. We prefer to send the texts by e-mail, New Times Roman 12.

A jury nominated by the editing board of the Haiku Journal will analyze the received poems, will grant qualifications and decide on the awarded poems. The results of the competition will be published in the Haiku Journal nr. 43 - Semester I - 2010, and the prizes and diplomas will be sent to the winners by mail. Quality poems which have been sent, even those who will not win awards will be selected for inclusion in International haiku Anthology 2010, Edition II.

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