Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Poets and Poems - Carol Peters

Swamp Fox Passage

And along the track, white sand
   and orange needles
in the narrow stretches, close-hauled shrub
   and shallow pools of rainwater
beyond the track, the swamp like an inland sea
mirrors in all directions
   so that the track seems a fragile dike
and the flooded pools, home to demons
seething, flicking their tails, the black tongues
anticipating dark delight
   a lone rider
pedaling like Fortune's child
   and her eyes peering forward to see what's coming
without a thought
   for beasts sunken in dark water
and when the bicycle's wheels are slinging rooster tails
   her socks and shoes brown with mud
a demon breaches
   and like Cupid's poison arrow, knocks her down.

If you would like to participate in this series, send a photo of yourself composing a poem or writing or a picture of a location where you enjoy writing, along with one of your poems (the type/genre of poem doesn't matter). This series will allow us to see the various locations that inspire us or where we go to write.


Oma said...

Enjoyed the emotion of this place created through the images - from the brillance of mirrors in all directions to the heaviness of mud...sucking one down - deep.

Terri L. French said...

what a great idea. I hope we have lots of participants. I look forward to seeing the photos and reading the poems.

Madge McKeithen said...

I love the orange needles!