Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Publications and Contest Results

Penny HarterPenny Harter is happy to announce that copies of her children's book, The Beastie Book, a richly illustrated alphabestiary of rhyming poems for imaginary creatures, have just arrived at the publisher and are now available. Since folks both at HNA and Seabeck asked when they might get one, Penny says that if you want the book before Christmas, you should order directly from the publisher at www.shenaniganbooks.com, or from the link Penny provides on her blog http://penhart.wordpress.com. The book is also now available for order on amazon.com, with a somewhat muted picture of the cover (the colors are richer). If you order from amazon, though, they say you'll have to wait until after Christmas for delivery.

The Beastie Book
[Penny Harter photo by Michael Dylan Welch]

The results of the 11th Haiku International Association Haiku contest have been posted.


Pamela A. Babusci said...


CONGRATS on the book!!

love your beret! i have lots of
berets myself. love, pamela

DejahView said...

Congrats, Penny!

Hiruta said...

Mr. Curtis Dunlap
at tobaccoroadpoet.com,

thank you so much for posting the results of the 11th HIA Haiku contest,Tokyo.

Hidenori Hiruta
HIA member
Akita International Haiku Network