Sunday, December 27, 2009

An Online Ginko, The Haiku Foundation, & Fleur de Lisa

Gabi Greve sent this invitation to an online ginko:

Dear Haiku Friends,

I invite you to a walk with me through a Japanese temple and see all the colors of hope for the New Year.

gradations of red . . .
a sight of hope
for the New Year

Join me in a ginko (haiku walk), look at some New Year preparations, enjoy the stillness and the colors and, if you feel inspired, write a haiku or two about it!

I was fortunate enough yesterday to catch a sunny day in our local temple, birthday temple of Saint Honen of the Amida Pur Land sect of Buddhism.

For a good ginko haiku, you have to empty your mind before letting it be filled again with impressions of what you see or feel or smell around you.

Here are the photos from Nr. 01 to Nr. 59.

You can also view a full slide show starting from here (click the top right small box labeled slideshow).

Here are my full colors of hope.



The Haiku Foundation has a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account.

An archive of Fleur-de-Lisa's December 18th interview and performance of haiku songs is available on the WUNC (North Carolina Public Radio) web site.


Pamela A. Babusci said...

dear gabi,
thanks for sharing you wonderful slide show with us!!

waxing moon
flower press heavy
with ginkgo leaves

pamela a. babusci

Jessie Carty said...

those are wonderful pictures!
makes me wish i was back in Japan :)

Adelaide said...

Wonderful pictures, Gabi. What a marvelous great tree the ginko is.

sacred ginko
all knobbs and warts
still endures


Gabi Greve said...

Thanks so much for posting this invitation here, I was quite surprized to find it this morning (it is six and snowy cold ...)

The gingko tree is special and quite famous. Saint Honen cut a branche from it when he started his travel and later planted that branch in a different temple, Bodai-Ji where it took roots and so we have another HUGE gingko tree about 100 kilometers further north from here.



Dejan Pavlinović said...

Nice pictures and posts!