Sunday, December 13, 2009

Contest News and Submissions

This just in from Dick Whyte:

Would you mind announcing that Haiku News is looking for Christmas submissions? Not necessarily Christmas themed (although, that is fine) but poems to put up over Christmas and in to the new year. What kind of news is happening this Christmas, and how does it interact with the holiday season? Particularly local news.

All the best-
Dick Whyte

Ðurda Vukelic-Rozic sent this:

We have a new "little haiku contest". Please, let the poets know about it.

Thank you,

IRIS haiku magazine, Ivanic Grad, Croatia

A little haiku contest theme:

2010 - International Year for the
Rapprochement of Cultures

Please send two unpublished haiku.

Deadline: January 15, 2010

Judge: Boris Nazansky

10 awards: A free copy of the haiku magazine IRIS

e-mail address:

Subject: A little haiku contest

“The General Assembly, on 17 December 2007, declared 2010 the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures (resolution 62/90). It recommended that events be organized on interreligious and intercultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation for peace during the year, including a high-level dialogue and/or informal interactive hearings with civil society“.

Haiku, too, is a bridge between cultures. It is timeless and a worldwide phenomena. We hope to receive haiku by poets telling us about their experiences in meeting people, cultures and Nature at different latitudes and longitudes of our Planet.

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snowbird said...

Hi, Dick, What a great idea...Christmas haiku! It's about time haiku got ahold of Christmas to plumb the greater depths than the carols we hear incessantly this time of year.
Thank, Merrill