Sunday, December 20, 2009

Haiku, Submissions, & Contest Results

Paul Conneally has an amazing collection of 38 haiku online. He writes:

Hi Curtis,

Here's a link to a haiku series published online by the Edward Bach Organisation Research Programme.

All that's best,


Patrick Gillespie, poet and proprietor of PoemShape, sent this request:

I was thinking of putting together a post of Solstice Haiku. If everyone sends me a solstice haiku, including your readers, I'll put together something that we can all post at our respective blogs.

My e-Mail address is at my blog under Contact or, if interested, you can post it at my Guest Book.


The results of the 13 Mainichi Haiku Contest have been posted. A pdf document with more information is available here. It is a large file. Folks with dial-up Internet will have to wait for a long time while the document downloads.

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