Friday, October 30, 2009

Seabeck report & Poetea IV, part 2 video

This just in from Deborah P Kolodji:


I've finished reporting about the Seabeck Haiku Getaway on my blog.

The links are:

Friday -

Saturday -

Sunday -

All my photos are here:

And I have a bonus entry inspired by one of the late-night anonymous haiku workshops, where we did, indeed, spend quite a lot of time discussing heron sounds.

Hope you enjoy!

Dave Russo, Bob Moyer, and Stan Siceloff read poems from the recent Poetea reading in Winston-Salem:


snowbird said...

Deborah, So glad you posted the links to Seabeck here. Every time I tried to "share" on Facebook everything got tied up in knots.
Many thanks, Merrill

snowbird said...

To the Poet Tea Group...Today I enjoyed gunpowder tea with your reading...just love the "covered bridge" haiku and so glad for the Bruce Ross haiku...not to mention so many others.
late lunch
good friends reading
my tealeaves
Smiles, Merrill