Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poets and Poems - Alexis Rotella

Alexis Rotella's place to write


A vein of scarlet mud
runs over the hills.
I scoop some clay
work my fingers in and out
roll it punch it
until a woman ancient and wise
slips out and says
wait a year
then sell me.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful spot in which to create!

I really like the poem, too, Alexis. It's concise, meaningful, and quirky, all beautifully presented.

marty45 said...

I enjoy the way the words flow from start to finish.

Carole said...

Glad I didn't miss this! Not a word wasted in this lovely poem, Alexis. I like your wise(fertile)and knowing words of your clay venus. A lot of depth to this one. I picture the earliest female figures..forget the name I'll call your figure, venus, though Eve and any number of names come to mind! :-)