Saturday, October 24, 2009

moonset, haiku contest results, tanka, & tea

an'ya reports that moonset is in the mail. They were mailed First Class Postage but even at that rate it could still take three to ten days to reach places even in the USA. If you do not receive your issue within a three week period, contact an'ya at moonset.

The results of the Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi 2009 Haiku Contest are available on this page. Congratulations to Roberta Beary (1st place), Deborah P Kolodji (2nd place), and Jerry Ball (3rd place).

Note: You may have to use the + sign located on the right side of the page to zoom into the document.

I'm finding several literary jewels at Modern English Tanka Press has released the Ash Moon Anthology: Poems on Aging in Modern English Tanka. I've just started reading the collection this morning but, with Alexis Rotella and Denis M. Garrison as editors, I'm certain this will be an excellent book of poems.

For your reading pleasure, I've embedded the anthology here. Enjoy!
Ash Moon Anthology Poems on Aging, Ed by Rotella and Garrison

And finally, I'll be in Winston-Salem today with members of the North Carolina Haiku Society at the Poetea reading announced last week. Please drop by if you're in the neighborhood. We would enjoy seeing you there.

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