Saturday, October 31, 2009

1000 Verse Renga, a Halloween haiga, and zombie haiku

Alan Summers
The 1000 Verse Renga

Alan Summers, of With Words, in Partnership with Bath Libraries (U.K.) has been encouraging a local and global 1000 Verse Renga (senku) where local library users and staff and international haiku poets have been contributing verses during October.

The senku is 800+ verses strong at the moment, with some of the earliest contributions from Michael Dylan Welch, whose autumn hokku so inspired one school they wrote two shisan renku!

The latest contributions have been from the New York State area and Alaska, and from several U.S. librarians, one of whom you may know from Mann Library, thanks Tom!

As 1000 verses need to be reached by 7th November (midnight all time zones) we would love to receive more verses.

As verses pour in from numerous means all the time some verses cannot be linked immediately but will be linked in the final edit, so please do send a renga verse to:

BBC 1000 Verse Renga article:

Alan's Area 17 blog:

With Words:

The final version of the 1000 Verse Renga will be a free eBook on With Words, hopefully before Christmas.

Collin Barber sent this very fine seasonal haiga:

The following video appears to be a parody of the Kerouac readings posted here last year. In the spirit of Halloween fun and really, REALLY, bad 5-7-5 haiku, we have Zombie Haiku:

Have a safe zombie-free Halloween!


Pamela A. Babusci said...

colin, i love your haiga!

Warren said...

Gads, what a fantastic haiga, Collin! Your haiku is a stroke of genus (not genius). Hah, kidding! Wonderful!

And Curtis - the video is a scream! Hah, again.


Terri L. French said...

excellent Collin. Sums up kind of how I feel this Halloween. Nothing more chocolate won't fix!

Area 17 said...

halloween takeout
a ghost spine T-shirt child
gets his mom to order

Just couldn't resist. ;-)