Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poets and Poems - Albert Huffstickler

Cafe Poem

That little old lady has a purpose.
She's a cartographer completing the map of her life.
It's there on her face,
as contained, as exact as the will that lies
deep in that small, sunken breast.
She looks around her, laughs.
Another line forms,
another move toward the completion she already envisions.
There's nothing more for us here.
Let's leave her to her work.

-- Albert Huffstickler

Lilliput Review
- Issue #32

Photo courtesy of Mark Christal


Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Beautiful photo, Curtis. Nicely done.

Warren said...

Hi Curtis - Albert Huffstickler's great and I've enjoyed reading his poems - and so your poetry is terrific as well - I've been reading your poems and they are inspiring me to try my hand at something besides Japanese short form. Thanks for the poems and poets and inspiration.


Ed Baker said...


a pack of cigarettes, 12 cups of coffee... cream an count out 123456789!0 pourring sugar out of that glass cannister waiting for sunny-side ups (runny) hash-fries (real hash), grits, bacon

and poems/ideas on a napkin..

in the back of the Everyday Gourmet Cafe near the bathroom..

I still go up to the cafe... maybe 4 times a week.... my excursion into 'reality' such as it is

Gawd, that cute Korean waitress was my muse..

one of my regrets...

that I never sat-down at table with Al...

nice nice photo...