Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday updates - October 31

Hi, Curtis --

Just wanted you and your readers to know that copies of this year's Haiku Society of America members' anthology (which I was asked to edit) have been going fast -- nearly 500 sent out to date -- but I still have a supply available for purchase.

This year's anthology, entitled 'sharing the sun', is built around the theme of biodiversity, in keeping with the U.N.'s designation of 2010 as 'International Year of Biodiversity'. 269 member poets are each represented by a haiku that makes reference to a specific plant or animal. The visual motif for the book is postage stamps from various countries -- with each stamp featuring a plant and/or animal -- that were 'recycled' from the envelopes of members' submissions to this volume. And a special feature of this year's anthology is a 15-page glossary to some of the less familiar references in the poems I published.

Literally dozens of members have emailed me with their praise of this year's anthology. (Some of my favorite excerpts: 'a treasure chest', 'a gem', 'a great work of art', 'a triumph', 'a landmark publication', and 'absolutely spectacular' ...).

A single copy of the anthology costs $14 in the U.S. and $17 elsewhere, postage included. With each four copies purchased at the regular price, a fifth copy is offered with compliments of the Haiku Society of America. (Although 215 pages in length, the book is very compact and would make a great stocking stuffer!) Before sending payment, those interested should first email me at to confirm availability. In my response I will advise where payment (preferably in the form of a check payable to 'Haiku Society of America') should be sent.

Thanks for passing this along, and for your terrific blog!

Scott Mason


I am writing with a request that you circulate a call for submissions among the members of your local chapter.  Thank you very much for posting the following message:

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS:  For an anthology of haiku, senryu, and tanka on the subject of grief, loss and change, entitled THE TEMPLE BELL STOPS: CONTEMPORARY POEMS OF GRIEF, LOSS AND CHANGE.  Prefer unpublished poems, but published poems okay that include full credits.  No current deadline and no reimbursement for accepted poems.

Please send submissions to Robert Epstein:

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snowbird said...

Hi, Scott, I have to tell you that I gave a copy of HSA MEMBER'S ANTHOLOGY to a friend for a birthday gift. He's a naturalist of the first order. He was absolutely delighted with the whole volume. I'm hoping to get him involved in haiku...he's a photographer and this volume on biodiversity may just have been the thing I needed to convince him. Merrill