Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday updates - October 3

Magnapoets is open for submissions during the month of October. Payment is one contributor copy. Submission guidelines are available via the link below:

News from the Australian Haiku Society from immediate past-president, Beverley George:

Recently, after over 4 years in office, I stepped down as president of the Australian Haiku Society (HaikuOz) as did Graham Nunn, as secretary. Graham and I are delighted to announce the new president is Jo McInerney, a talented poet and experienced forum mediator, and the new secretary is Greg Piko, whose haiku are also internationally recognised.

For a report on haiku in Australia at this time please visit

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Let Us Pray

Sketchbook is extending an invitation around the world for submissions of prayer, inspiration and heart felt encouraging poetry submissions for this new section of the Sketchbook Journal.

Our goal is to hear from all faiths and peoples on a Global Scale. The more people who participate and read the more our hearts will become one. Surely a heart that envelops the world can make changes and differences in lives.

We can make a difference and wipe away all the divisions that have arisen because of different belief systems. Let us all love and respect one another in one accord.

Please send your poems and prayers to:

Rattle Call for Submissions

Issue: Theme  (Reading Period)
#35: Canadian Poets (8/1/10 – 2/1/11)
#36: Buddhist Poets (2/1/11 –  8/1/11)
#37: Poets in Law Enforcement (8/1/11 – 2/1/12)

Go to for details.

Issue #3 of Pig in a Poke now alive and oinking!

I'm amazed at what you can find at these days. Here's a splendid book of tanka by Liam Wilkinson:

The Darkening Tide by Liam Wilkinson

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