Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday updates - October 10

Randy Brooks sent this:

Modern Haiku Press is pleased to announce the publication of Modern Haiku, Volumes 1-10 (1969-1979) now available in a CD-ROM edition, edited and designed by Randy Brooks.

This archive of the first ten years of Modern Haiku features facsimiles of all pages from Volume 1.1 (winter 1969), through Volume 10.3 (autumn 1979). This CD comprises simple HTML files, so the contents may be read with any Web browser. All pages of each issue, including front and back covers, were scanned from a set of original issues, some of which are in less than perfect condition, so the quality of the images has sometimes suffered somewhat.

The index of authors, prepared by Modern Haiku Editor Charles Trumbull, records, in alphabetical order by author, the contents of the first ten years of the journal. Included are all essays, reviews, regular features, and—most significantly—the full text of every haiku and senryu that were published. Cover graphic design by Modern Haiku Art Director Lidia Rozmus.

 Order your copy for $30.00 plus $2.50 shipping & handling from:

Randy M. Brooks
Web Editor, Modern Haiku
3720 N. Woodridge Drive
Decatur, IL 62526

It is also available for online purchase from the Brooks Books web site at:

Dear Haiku-Friends;

Chrysanthemum 8 is now online and ready to be viewed at:

Best Wishes,

Dietmar Tauchner

M. Kei sent this:

Shoppers who utilize to purchase books from Keibooks (or any of the other small presses that use, can take advantage of their Columbus Day sale to save 14.92% off any order using the code EXPLORE305. Buyers who want to purchase a large order of $350 or more can save 20% buy using the code CARGO305. Coupon codes are good only at through 10/11/2010.

More information at:


publisher of literature for discerning readers

P O Box 1118, Elkton, MD, 21922 USA
Keibooks (at) gmail (dot) com

Pris Campbell sent this:

Main Street Rag has dropped prices

I just received this in the Main Street Rag newsletter today:

'If you’ve browsed the MSR Online Bookstore, you will notice something: We’ve dropped our prices across the board. It occurred to me that the reason why we set our prices where we do is to accommodate distributors and other bookstores. Since we have been seeing so much more traffic and sales on our own website, it made sense to reward folks for buying directly from Main Street Rag. In most cases, it’s a $10-20% decrease, but I like round numbers, so for the most part that means between one and five dollars per book—about the cost of shipping. We hope our newsletter readers will take the time to peruse the MSR Online Bookstore and see what we’ve done—but you should do so soon. We’re about to completely reconfigure the bookstore pages. '

Ergo, The Nature of Attraction is now on sale on the site for 5 dollars plus shipping under 'new releases'.

I have about 8 personal copies left for sale and am matching my price to theirs, along with dedication and signature. First eight who message me, then get a check to me get them. There will be no reprinting, so this is it. Scott Owens bought a larger stock and has those to sell, too.


Carolyn Thomas sent this:

The Winter Moon Awards for Haiku 2010

Deadline: In hand December 1, 2010

Prizes: First Prize: $100; Second Prize: $50; Third Prize: $25; Zen Award (if warranted): $25. Honorable Mentions. Winners living outside the US will receive subscriptions to haiku journals in place of cash prizes.

Eligibility: Open to everyone.

Entry Fee: None

Rules: All haiku must be the entrant’s original, unpublished work, and not under consideration by any publication or other contest.

Submissions: Up to 10 haiku in English, typed (or printed legibly) on one sheet of 8 ½ x 11 paper. Submit 2 copies. Provide name, address and pen name, if you use one, in upper left corner of one copy only.

Correspondence: Send #10 (4 1/8 x 9 1/2 ) SASE (outside US, SAE and 1 IRC) for notification of results. No entries will be returned. No email submissions.

Mail entries to: Carolyn Thomas, 7866 Hogan Circle, Hemet, CA 92545 USA

Here's another video poem by Richard Peek:

I was out and about with my small camcorder yesterday. Check out the video below. Watch the two gentlemen to the right of the screen.

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