Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Poets and Poems - Pravat Kumar Padhy


On each page of night
You compose the poem of love
Shyly dawn knocks at your door.
As you are still
In the half way of your song,
You request the beauty night
To stay with you
For a little long .
… … …

The waves of warm feeling
Spread over
Slowly on the sands
Of your aspiration.
Smilingly your shyness
Mingles with a new skyline
Murmuring another moment
Of ecstasy of union.
… … …

Throughout night
Your smile gathers
The petals
Of the blooming buds.
I discover
Every morning
Your freshness
Becomes the garden
Of my life.
… … …

In your cosmic love
I search the
Cause of the creation
And wish
I could discover
Adam and Eve
… … …

I sleep on the waves
Of your shyness
With your deep signature.
On the rolling edge
Of sweetness,
The music
Of the tides of the night
I closely remember.
… … …

We climb many heights
Embodying soul to soul.
Our love,
In your richness valley,
Silently brims
As the imprint
Becomes awaken
Like a tender leaf.
… … …

Our life scripted
A new stanza.
Like spreading branch
And sprouting flowers
We all grow, and
Imprints of life carry
To another
Generation of tree.
… … …

I go back to the
Pages of time
And read the poetry again.
I plunge to think how
Time shapes our mind.
With beauty and bliss
It is more to
A celestial journey indeed.

Brief biographical sketch

Pravat Kumar Padhy born in India, professionally a Petroleum Geologist, Holds Masters and Ph.D from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. He lives with his wife, Namita and two daughters, Smita and Rupa. Poems widely published and anthologized including “Contemporary Indian English Love Poetry”. Literary work referred in Spectrum History of Indian Literature in English, Alienation in Contemporary Indian English Poetry etc. Short Poems, Haiku and Tanka appeared in number of literary journals (both print and web) in India, USA, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Africa including Poetry Time, Poet, Creative Forum, Poetcrit, Kritya, World Haiku Review, LYNX, Akita International Haiku Network, Poetry Pages, The Notes From the Gean, The Four Seasons of Haiku, Poetbay, Anglo-Japanese Society (Tanka Online), Ambrosia, Sketchbook , Atlas Poetica, Kokako, Berry Blue Haiku, Simply Haiku, The Houston Literary Review and others.

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