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Results: "A Little Haiku Contest by haiku magazine IRIS"

Theme: 2010 – International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures

Judge: Boris Nazansky

11 Equally graded awards

an'ya, La Pine, Oregon, USA

patchworked in this seamless sky -
bits of cloud bits

Rajna Begovic, Belgrade, Serbia

by an old temple
in different languages -

Krysztof Kokot, Nowy Targ, Poland

Jordan's West Bank
rag doll
without one leg

Malvina Mileta, Nedešćina, Croatia

A suitcase from India
brought fragrance
the mediteranean.

John Parsons, Topcroft, Bungay, United Kingdom

Keralan roadside
under dry palm fronds
grandmother's break stone

Dejan Pavlinović, Pula, Croatia

playing their way
through foreign words
little strangers

Patricia Prime, Auckland, New Zealand

suicide bombing
yet still we celebrate
the Year of the Tiger

Zoe Savina, Pallini – Attikis, Greece

Demonstration in Sacramento

small cries
becoming stepping stones
for large ones

Sandra Simpson, Tauranga, New Zealand

lost in the souk -
a henna-stained hand
reaches for mine

Tatjana Stefanović, Belgrade, Serbia

a tiny rainbow
connects the clouds -
a rafter's song

Božena Zernec, Krapina, Croatia

joy at the museum!
early man’s relatives arrived
for Xmas - from Paris*

*On December 17, from Paris’ atelier of artist Elisabeth Daynes arrived the dolls of Krapina early men, for a new exhibition in the Museum of Krapina’s early man.

Shiki Monthly Kukai

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the March 2010 Shiki Monthly Kukai. Please find below the topics for the March 2010 edition.

Submission deadline: Noon, EST,(UTC-5) Saturday, March 13.
Voting deadline: Noon, EST,(UTC-5) Saturday, March 20.
Results will be posted no later than Friday, March 26.

Participants may submit an entry for one or both sections of the kukai. Please do NOT enter any haiku previously published, work-shopped or shared.The haiku entries remain anonymous until results are posted.

Participants may vote in both sections of the kukai so long as they have submitted an entry to at least one section of the kukai.


1) Address all Kukai correspondence to:

2) PLEASE use the exact subject "KIGO ENTRY" or "FREE FORMAT ENTRY" for the subject line of each submission.

3) You MUST send entries in PLAIN TEXT FORMAT, and SIGNED*. Plain text reduces formatting changes and the inevitable clarifications required.

4) Please align your poem to the left margin. "Concrete" or "visual" haiku do not present well in an email format. Plain text, tied-to-the-left ensures that each haiku may be judged on content. One line, two, three, even four line haiku are accepted though final formatting on the web version may change line lengths. We can denote correct formatting with an (*) explanation.

5) Please send each entry separately.

*SIGNATURE REMINDER: The name you use to sign your haiku will be the name listed when the vote tallies are revealed and in the archives. Please sign with the name you wish to be known by. We have several poets with the same first name. Please help us avoid confusion by not using a common first name as your only signature.

Further guidelines are available on our website:


The KIGO SECTION requires haiku using the designated seasonal subject or keyword used with a seasonal reference.

Our kigo subject for March 2010 is "Planting/Sowing"

Subject: Kigo Entry

sunset furrow
the ebony sheen
of daylily seeds



The FREE FORMAT SECTION requires a haiku on a particular object, theme, or setting that may occur at any time within a given year. This is a free format haiku, in that the writer can compose and include a season word or submit a poem without seasonal reference.

Our free format topic for March 2010 is "Cookies"(the edible type).

Subject: Free Format Entry

cabin fever
she triples a batch
of chocolate hermits


We look forward to receiving your submissions!

If this is your first time, please feel free to browse the archives to see how the competition works.

If you have any questions, write to us at

Thank you!

George and Robert

daryl nielsen sent this 'news from bear creek':

Pushcart Prize nominees for 2009 by bear creek haiku were:

Andrea Blythe, poem India
Nina Buck for 'farmer lady'
Dave Church, poem Listening
Christopher E Ellington, poem It's An Old Story
Raymond John Flory for 'January snow'
Claudia Ullman, poem She Spoke of Beauty Parlors

A maximum of six nominations are allowed - if 60 were allowed, at least that many distinguished poems and poets would have been nominated.

Encouragement for visiting Bob King's blossoming online site 'Colorado Poets Center' - his hard work with this endeavor is lovingly self-evident.

Poems by ayaz daryl nielsen have recently found these homes:

Feb 15-21, Shreve Memorial Library Electronic Network (Carlos Colon is overdue for recognition/awards of all sorts)...also, poems online in Yellow Mama (one of my favorite sites), a poem accepted for Bob Bernstein's upcoming anthology (death poems), poetry accepted by Shemom (the editor, Peggy Dugan French, most favorite person), Atlas Poetica, and acceptances by Lyrical Passion Poetry ezine.

Much excitement about Don Wentworth's (Lilliput Review editor's) soon-to-be-released poetry anthology. Not only among the best of small press editors/nurturers/harbingers, Don's poetry has long been/is among the best being written.
is offering a special promotion, allowing buyers to take 10% off the price of books and journals published by Keibooks during March. This discount can only be used once and applies to the purchase cost of the books or journals. It does not apply to shipping and handling or other expenses.

Visit Keibooks at <> and enter the code IDES at the time of purchase.

Titles included in this special promotion are:

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Heron Sea, Short Poems of the Chesapeake Bay (tanka and short poetry) by M. Kei

Pirates of the Narrow Seas 1 : The Sallee Rovers (gay nautical novel) by M. Kei

Atlas Poetica 5 : Poetry of Place in Contemporary Tanka (tanka poetry) edited by M. Kei (forthcoming March 15)

Happy Reading!


M. Kei

publisher of literature for discerning readers

P O Box 1118, Elkton, MD, 21922 USA
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