Thursday, September 10, 2009

Haiku Chronicles: Episode 5 - History of American Haiku Part II, The Beat Poets

This just in from Donna Beaver:

Hosts Donna Beaver, Al Pizzarelli and guest Cor van den Heuvel continue a discussion of the history of American haiku from the mid-50's and the Beat Poets. This episode also features Allen Ginsberg from his lectures on haiku poetry at Naropa University.

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Episode 6: History of American Haiku Part III - The Haiku Anthology, with guest Cor van den Heuvel, featuring vintage recordings of Nick Virgilio, Virginia Brady Young and other poets and poems from the Anthology.

Coming in October:

In celebration of the World Series, tune-in to Episode 7: Baseball Haiku, with guest Cor van den Heuvel, Ed Markowski and others reading haiku and senryu from the Baseball Haiku anthology.

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