Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rossiter, Kodojin, Addiss, Lanoue & Simply Haiku

I stumbled upon an interesting audio file at last night. In an area called the PoetryPoetry Workshop, Charlie Rossiter uses Kodojin's Things Seen poem to illustrate how to write a poem each day. Rossiter gives an example of how he was inspired to write his own poem after taking Kodojin's poem to heart.

Rossiter also mentions Stephen Addiss's book about Kodojin entitled Old Taoist: The Life, Art, and Poetry of Kodojin (1865-1944).

To learn more about Kodojin, read this essay by Addiss featured in the September-October 2004 issue of Simply Haiku.

David G. Lanoue is traveling to Japan to promote the Japanese publication of Haiku Guy. There will be readings and signings in Tokyo and Kyoto. The Kyoto reading is scheduled for May 23rd.

Here is an advertisement for the Tokyo reading:

Haiku Guy is a wonderful novel. Lanoue is a natural storyteller who weaves an intriguing tale (interspersed with haiku) utilizing characters from modern New Orleans and 17th century Japan.

I highly recommend this delightful novel. Read the comments on the review page.

The summer issue of Simply Haiku is online.

1 comment:

Ed Baker said...

old taoist

about as "good as it gets"

and I think that Johnathan Chaves is yet teaching at
GWU, here in D.C.

do check out Steve Addiss' preface. Neat "stuff"

compound this book with Soetsu Yanagi's "The Unknown Craftsman"

and you got yourself a nearly complete library....