Sunday, May 3, 2009

HSA Members’ Anthology 2009

Time to Submit Your Work to the HSA Members’ Anthology 2009

In 2009, for the 16th consecutive year, the HSA will publish a members’ anthology. You are cordially urged to participate!

This is a wonderful opportunity to examine the work of a cross-section of HSA poets—who are among the best writers of haiku in English—and to see your work in print. The HSA members’ anthology makes a great gift for family and friends! Please consider ordering several copies.

Anthology editors are Joseph Kirschner, Lidia Rozmus, and Charles Trumbull.

Theme: This year’s anthology will have a theme: geographical haiku.

Each haiku selected will name or pertain to a specific geographical location—that is, a place you could actually pinpoint on a map. This could be the poet’s home or workplace, a vacation spot, a historical monument—any geographical location as long as it’s specific. Any place in the world is fine. The place need not be actually named in the text of the haiku, but we do want to know the exact place you had in mind when you wrote the haiku. Here are some examples of the kind of haiku and specific geographical information we’re looking for:

yesterday’s incense
in the morning air

Kofuku Temple, Nara, Japan (Kathleen O’Toole)

from the air
Ohio as I remember it
endless clouds

over Hudson, Ohio (Kirsty Karkow)

prairie morning —
only bluebells
only sky

near Oakes, North Dakota (Billie Wilson)

As in these poems, in addition to submitting the text of the haiku, please be sure to tell us the exact place you had in mind for the haiku. (These haiku are from last year’s HSA members’ anthology, Dandelion Clocks, and are used here only as examples.)

Submissions: Each member in good standing of the Haiku Society of America may submit up to five haiku or senryu, from which at least one (and possibly more) will be selected for inclusion. No haiga, haibun, tanka, etc. please.

All submissions must be sent by snail mail. Please put all five poems on one sheet with your name, address, and e-mail address at the top.

For each haiku, indicate the specific location referred to in the text (as in the samples above).

New work is preferred, but previously published haiku/senryu are acceptable. If a haiku has been published previously, please provide the publication information (book or journal, volume and issue number, and date).

You will be notified by e-mail which of your haiku has/have been selected. If you do not have an e-mail address but wish to be notified, please include an SASE (non-US residents, an SAE and an IRC).

Deadline: In hand by May 15, 2009. Notifications of selection will be sent by June 15.

Purchasing copies: The number of copies printed will be determined by the number of copies advance-ordered. Thus, we strongly suggest that you order your copies when you submit your haiku. The cost is US$20.00/copy postpaid in North America (add $3.00 postage elsewhere). Remit in US-dollar checks made out to “Haiku Society of America” or cash.

Submission checklist:

[ ] one page, with name, address, and e-mail address at the top
[ ] up to five haiku/senryu
[ ] the specific geographical location of each haiku
[ ] previous publication information
[ ] number of copies of the anthology being ordered
[ ] US dollar check made out to “Haiku Society of America” or cash
[ ] SASE to receive selection information
[ ] all mailed to Charles Trumbull PO Box 7046 Evanston, IL 60204-7046 USA

Questions? If these instructions are not clear, or if you have other questions, contact Charles Trumbull by e-mail at <> or at the PO box address above.

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