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Call for Submissions - 3/24/2010

Mark Brooks sent this:

hai there
haijinx quarterly
call for submissions

March 20, 2010
the equinox

In celebration of the equinox, Mark Brooks, Alan Summers, and Carmen Sterba today continue the relaunch of haijinx with haijinx quarterly, a journal focused on putting the hai back in haiku. The hai found in the word haiku (and haikai) means “playful” or “humorous” and haijinx highlights this particular feature of haikai poetry. There is simply no hai in haiku without some sense of humor, lightness, or playfulness.

And what is this haikai? Broadly speaking, haikai includes haiku; renku (haiku-like linked verse); haibun (haiku-like prose that is often combined with haiku); and haiga (illustrated haiku). Although senryû (satirical poetry in the same rhythm as haiku) are sometimes classified as haikai, haijinx does not publish senryû. Indeed, clarifying this split between haiku and senryû remains one of the missions of haijinx.

The new haijinx quarterly, also known as hai-Q, returns to haijinx’s web-based multilingual roots, integrating haiku and haiga on the page, publishing poetry in native languages with English translations, featuring regular columns from world-class haijin, and including articles in multiple languages from multiple perspectives.

We accept original, unpublished haiku (preferably between 5 and 10 at a time), haibun, haiga, renku, and sumi-e. We will also accept previously published work, but please include the publication information at the time you submit your work and do not submit work currently under consideration elsewhere. Please make sure that each submission contains a majority of unpublished work. Non-English works may be submitted with translation. We will publish them in both English and their native language. If you do not have a translation, contact us to see if we know of a translator who might work with you.

We are always looking for articles on haiku, even from authors who disagree with us. Please contact us with your article ideas beforehand.

haijinx quarterly (hai-Q) normally publishes around the solstices and equinoxes each year. In 2010, those are March 20, June 21, September 23, and December 21. The deadlines in 2010 are the twentieth of the month prior to the issues release. For the three 2010 issues, submissions then are due by May 20, August 20, and November 20 respectively. We normally respond to email submissions within three weeks.

The deadline for the June issue of haijinx quarterly is May 20th and submissions may be sent to our central address

submissions at haijinx dot org

For more details, please visit our submissions page at

hai again!

Mark Brooks
Alan Summers
Carmen Sterba

Patrick M. Pilarski sent this:

Submission are open for DailyHaiku Cycle 9!
Just over one week left to submit your work.

DailyHaiku is a print and daily online serial publication that publishes the work of Canadian and international haiku poets, blending contemporary, experimental, and traditional styles to explore the boundaries of English-language haiku. Through our special features section, we also aim to chronicle the diverse and ever-changing landscape of contemporary haiku-related forms. We're now looking for a new roster of six talented haiku poets for our upcoming cycle (Volume 5, Cycle 9, Spring/Summer 2010). If selected as a contributor, you will be responsible for providing a total of 28 haiku over a six-month period.

Submission Period: March 1st--31st, 2010 (closes 11:59 pm Mountain Standard Time)

How to Submit: Email submissions to

What to Submit: Ten unpublished haiku---no more, no less---your contact information, a 75 word publication-ready biographical note, and a digital author photo. We do not accept work published or under consideration by other journals or websites.

Payment: One contributor copy of the print volume featuring your work.

For specific submission guidelines and more information about this publication, please visit:

Robert D. Wilson sent this:

Dear poets,

Professor Richard Gilbert is currently soliciting haiku for our upcoming April issue. We've been on a short hiatus and are ready to start up. Send your haiku to Professor Gilbert at the address below. Send your best haiku; there is no set number to send, nor do you need to send a short bio
and photo.

Submit to Professor Gilbert at

Haiku on,

Robert D. Wilson
Simply Haiku

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