Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday updates 2/2/2010

Here is a special message from Norman Darlington:

The Plenitude of Emptiness: YOUR ASSISTANCE REQUESTED

Dear Friends

Following on the news of the very serious nature of our dear friend Hortensia Anderson's illness, we announce our intention to make available in print, The Plenitude of Emptiness: Collected Haibun by Hortensia Anderson.

This book, in accordance with Hortensia's wishes, will be edited and published by Norman Darlington and Moira Richards during 2010. It will be made available throughout the world via POD, at only the cost of printing and delivery. The book will include as many of Hortensia's published and unpublished haibun as we are able to find, and in which search we request your assistance.

Please mail us at plenitude.of.emptiness@gmail.com (plenitude.of.emptiness [at] gmail [dot] com) with information about any material that might add to this, a lasting tribute to the brave and gifted woman who is friend and inspiration to so many.

Norman Darlington
Moira Richards

The new issue of Sketchbook is online featuring cover art by Gillena Cox.

The February issue of The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature is online, featuring Six New Black History Month Poems.

The New Issue of World Haiku Review is online:


Saša Važić sent this:

Periplum #7: Saša Važić by David G. Lanoue

Saša's poems are also featured this week on the Shreve Memorial Library's Electronic Poetry Network.

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Anonymous said...

Very sad to hear about this bad news about Hortensia. Is it possible? Can we do just anything to help her live on? I cannot think about anything else at this point, but, surely, I'll do all I can...
Anyway... thank you Norman for passing this message...and thank you and Moira for your intention to publish Hortensia's haibun.