Thursday, February 11, 2010

A message from Penny Harter

Because I just learned that att.worldnet will no longer be hosting personal web sites after March 15th, I want everyone to know that the William J. (Bill) Higginson's "renku" and "haikai" sites that were still being hosted on have been moved; now all of Bill's sites are now available on our (my) domain,

That link takes you to the main gateway to both my and Bill's sites. Links in "Bill's Main Menu", found on his home page, are active if underlined. Since Bill's att-hosted sites will disappear on 3/15, please take note and update your records. And please forward this change to any other lists or folks who might want to know.

Thanks from snowy & "blizzard conditions expected later today" New Jersey,


Here are most of the current locations for important pages on Bill's migrated sites:

~Bill's press kit is archived on this site, at:

~Bill's general book reviews can be found at:

~Bill's old Publications Received page is archived at

~Haikai Home can now be accessed at, and is the entry point for his whole haiku and related genres web site

~Renku Home is at, and takes visitors into the world of Japanese-style linked poetry with examples and articles on how-to and the background on this fascinating collaborative poetry.

~Wordfield's Haikai Pub, with its reviews of newly received or acquired books, journals, and other haikai materials, will remain at its present location on the Web site.

And, should you wish to research a comprehensive listing of Web resources related to haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, haiga, and the publication and enjoyment of same in English, the Open Directory's "Haiku and Related Forms" pages are still here:


Penny Harter
poet, teaching artist, children's author


Unknown said...

dear Penny, thank you for the updates

burnt field. . .
I search the clouds
for a friend


snowbird said...

Penny, I do a lot of trying to give good reliable haiku information to people who are interested, and often not even poets. It would have been impossible without the work you and Bill put in over the years.
Many thanks. Merrill

Area 17 said...

I'll have to second Merrill on that.

I still remember the incredible buzz when I found not one but two copies of "The Haiku Handbook" in a small branch library in Ipswich, outside Brisbane, Queensland, Australia back in the start of the 1990s.

I knew hardly anything about haiku, but knew I found "it" when I saw that book.

I was due to take an important flight from Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur and I was able to lose myself in that book over and over again.

Kuala Lumpur might translate as "muddy confluence" but "The Haiku Handbook" was (and still is) clear as the freshest springwater.

I'm forever indebted to you and Bill for that gift.