Friday, April 3, 2009

Lilliput Review 167 & 168

Issues 167 & 168 of Lilliput Review arrived in my mailbox the other day, validating the phrase that the best things sometimes come in small packages. Editor, Don Wentworth, accepts short poems (10 lines are less) and is vigilant in seeing that each issue maintains a high standard. Here are a couple of poems from issue #167:

Milky Way:
an anchor chain clinks
in the harbor

Mike Dillon
Indianola, WA

So many stone Buddhas
it is easy to forget that the one who walks through the garden
is made out of flesh.

Charlie Mehrhoff
Oakland, ME

And two from issue #168

Rented Rooms

There was a city in her moans
and I resided
in every room
on every block.

Jonathan Treadway
Bowling Green, KY

From the Chinese

The white petals
of the plum tree,
and the wheeling
night sky beyond.

Stephen Kagarise
Greensboro, NC

Each issue also contains illustrations that are often contributed by one or more poets.

Subscription information and submission guidelines are available on the Lilliput Review web site. And while you're at it, browse over to Issa's Untidy Hut, the official blog for Lilliput Review.

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