Thursday, April 23, 2009

Haigaonline Galleries

Haigaonline has created a gallery in celebration of Earth Day. Mary Davila, Billie Dee, Anne-Marie Glasheen, Jadwiga Gala Miemus, Linda Papanicolaou, Linda Pilarski, Andy Pomphrey, Carol Raisfeld, Emily Romano, Alexis Rotella, Manoj Saranathan and Detelina Tiholova are the artist/poets featured in this remarkable collection.

There is also a portfolio by Alexis Rotella for the survivors and the victims of the April 2009 Earthquake in Central Italy.


haiku-shelf said...

I enjoyed it very much to visit this gallery (celebration of Earth Day, Haiga Online)!

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

yes, very nice indeed, and thank you Linda, and to all of the contributors.