Monday, January 26, 2009

Publication notes, Lenard D. Moore and the HNA 2007 anthology

The new issue of LYNX: A Journal for Linking Poets is online and ready for viewing.

white lies: Red Moon Anthology 2008 is available from Red Moon Press. David Giacalone posted this message about the anthology on his f/k/a blog.

Lenard D. Moore had a beautiful poem published recently in The News & Observer. The poem is entitled Letterpoem, November 4, 2008.

I received my copy of Dandelion Wind today, an anthology of poems commemorating the 2007 Haiku North America conference held in Winston-Salem, NC last August. The anthology was edited by Michael Dylan Welch and Lenard D. Moore and contains several beautiful illustrations by Kate MacQueen. Here are a few poems:

deepening autumn
the strawman's smile

--Carlos Colon

losing myself
in purple heat
...hydrangea blossoms

--Roberta Beary

wrought-iron lamppost
tangled in ivy
evening light

--L. Teresa Church

teakettle whistle
on the way to the stove
she touches his knee

--Bob Moyer

The anthology also includes a poignant haiku by the late Bill Higginson:

after the Leonids
a falling leaf sets
the grassblade quivering

--William J. Higginson

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Michael Dylan Welch said...

Thanks for the kind mention of the HNA anthology, which we were pleased to dedicate to Garry Gay.

If anyone's interested in ordering a copy of the book, it's $8.00 plus shipping ($1.00 in the U.S., $2.00 in Canada, $3.00 elsewhere), with checks payable to "Michael D. Welch," and sent to me at 22230 NE 28th Place, Sammamish, WA 98074-6408.

Best wishes,