Friday, January 16, 2009

Contest, Journal, and Haiku Mastery

Angelee Deodhar sent in this information about The 20th Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest.

A new issue of Sketchbook is online and ready for viewing.

Merrill Gonzales sent a link to this video of editor, poet, and Red Moon Press publisher, Jim Kacian, discussing haiku mastery. Jim's talk is part of a much larger documentary by Tazuo Yamaguchi entitled Haiku: The Art of the Short Poem. The film and book combo is available for purchase at Brooks Books.

Jim Kacian on Haiku Mastery

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nora said...

Thanks for sharing this, Curtis. I like Jim's breakdown of the haiku poet's development. It is definitely the path I followed in moving beyond 5-7-5 and finding my own voice. Well done, Jim!