Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pamela A. Babusci - Three Questions

Pamela A. BabusciPamela A. Babusci is an internationally award winning haiku, tanka, and haiga artist. Some of her awards include: Museum of Haiku Literature Award, International Tanka Splendor Awards, First Place Yellow Moon Competition (tanka category), First Place Kokako Tanka Competition, Basho Festival Haiku Contest (Japan), Honorable Mention Suruga Baika Literary Festival (Japan), and Joint 3rd prize for the 1st With Words International Online Haiku Competition. Pamela has illustrated several books, including: Full Moon Tide: The Best of Tanka Splendor Awards and Taboo Haiku. She was the logo artist for Haiku North America in NYC in 2003 and Haiku North America in Winston-Salem, NC in 2007. You can visit her solo exhibit listed under archives at: She is the sponsor and judge for the First International Erotic Tanka Contest for 2008. Pamela has a deep desire to be creative on a daily basis, which feeds her spirit and soul and gives meaning to her life. Poetry and art have been an integral part of her existence since her early teen age years and will continue to be a driving force until she meets her creator.

1. Why do you write haiku?

i write haiku because it brings an inner-peace & serenity into my essence. it teaches me to observe life, in all its forms more closely & carefully; to distill & write down these moments into a haiku which brings enlightenment. i am content to be a droplet in the pond of haiku, for as the droplet falls, its ripples can reverberate for many years.

2. What other poetic forms do you enjoy?

free verse poetry & tanka are some of the other poetry forms i write. i was introduced to tanka around 1995 through my friendship with kenneth tanemura, a wonderful tanka poet & i continue to write tanka on a daily basis, over a cup or two of morning java.

3. Of the many wonderful haiku you've written, what do you consider to be your top three? (Please provide original publication credits)

my three favorite haiku:

i climb the mountain with my eyes never ending snow

Museum of Haiku Literature Award 1995 Frogpond

no attachments
to this world
falling plum petals

World Haiku Competition HM 2000

before the monk
& his walking stick
ageless mountain

Basho Haiku Festival 2007

curtis, thank you so very much for doing this wonderful haiku site. i am sure it will enrich the haiku community for years to come.

harmony, pamela

Next week, Bruce Ross shares his response to the same three questions.

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Anonymous said...

each of held me for a moment, releasing me into the reach of air.
Love learning and reading about Haiku here. TY