Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bill and Penny need your prayers

Please keep Bill Higginson and Penny Harter in your thoughts and prayers. Bill has been hospitalized for two weeks, including having had minor surgery to get a sample of the quickly growing and inoperable tumor in the center of his chest. Today, the tumor was diagnosed as malignant but highly treatable. Since the mass has been pressing on the esophagus and, therefore, inhibiting Bill's ability to eat much, he has been getting adjunct nourishment, and will continue to do so until the tumor shrinks.

He will start chemo this Friday in the hospital, to be followed, after several chemo cycles to shrink the mass, with targeted radiation. His case was so difficult to diagnose that the hospital's tumor board, which includes several Sloan Kettering physicians, will discuss the case on Thursday. If all goes well, he may come home late next week and continue treatment on an outpatient basis. Here is Bill and Penny's address:

Penny Harter / William J. Higginson
P. O. Box 1402
Summit, NJ 07902

Penny's email address is penhart@2hweb.net

I know these two wonderful people would greatly appreciate your prayers, cards, and get well wishes.


Area 17 said...

My prayers go out to you Bill.

I know you'll get better, so my prayers just go out so you get well as quickly as possible.

all my very best to you,
you lovely amazing haiku man! ;-)


Unknown said...

To Penny and Bill,

You are in my prayers.

The prayers of your haiku friends will lift you, Bill, and hold your high.

Ellen Compton

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny & Bill,

i clasped my hands together on my forehead and said a prayer.

Get better in a hurry,


Gabi Greve said...

You are in my thoughts and mind and my best wishes are with you two.
Get better soon, please, and take all the time to get well again!


Unknown said...

Thank you Curtis, I will keep them both in my thoughts, stay well &


H. Gene Murtha