Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sad news - Hortensia Anderson

The poetry world lost an amazingly gifted poet and lady yesterday. After decades of pain, Hortensia Anderson has transitioned to a better place. No, I will not say that she died. Her poems live on and I firmly believe that our souls do survive and move to another place or realm.

Hortensia is free of pain this morning. She has a new body. And we are far better people for having known her and her work.

I invite followers of this blog to read her response to Haiku - Three Questions.

And to her family and friends, I offer this poem I penned a few years ago, inspired by my father's transition. The content of the poems is true, which is why I believe Hortensia is alive today.


Daddy's not there,
that's just his body
lying on that hospital bed,
a vessel he vacated.
He's gone to be with
his mother, told me
that she called to him
at night when he drifted
between this world and sleep.
He told me that he
floats above his bed
like a feather down
when she calls but,
when he's awakened
by a nurse, he drops
back onto the bed.
"It's the best feeling in the world!",
he said of this floating...
Last night he answered his mother,
sifted right through those white sheets,
floated up through the ceiling,
left his fragile, spent, body

Magnapoets - Butterfly Away Anthology Spring 2011


Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, dear Hortensia.
I cannot believe you are no longer on this planet.
But you are sure to join angels as an angel you are.
My love,

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing...

Curtis Dunlap said...

Darrell Byrd sent this message via email:

Dear Hortensia, We will all miss you, now that you have shed your worldly aches and pain, and moved on to the other side. Thank you so much leaving with us, your wonderful poetry. That will be a pleasure and comfort to us, always.


Adelaide said...

Hortensia will be missed. Her poems showed feeling and experience. In spite of her health, she continued to write and contribute to the growth of haiku.

the way home
after many twists and turns
the straight road

Adelaide B. Shaw

Area 17 said...

I'm so shocked that Hortensia was so young too, but I hope that she packed a lot into that life.

You left a great legacy, but I'd rather you were still with us.


Don Baird said...

Hortensia: your spirit lives; your legacy lives. You will be sorely missed by all. But, in a gracious way, you will remain close to us through your poetic voice and uplifting spirit.


Anonymous said...

I love what Alan Summers wrote here. And, not knowing where dead people or their souls go, here's to all that she left us, including unconditional love. She wrote me once that hell is the place where unconditional love cannot go.


Cor van den Heuvel said...

I'm sure Hortensia and her writings lit up a lot of lives, and will light up many more in the future. She certainly lit up mine. God bless and keep you Hortensia.

And thank you Curtis.


Kathabela said...

for Hortensia

her news
I start to plant the pits
of all the fruit I eat

When Hortensia posted about a month ago of her difficult days, this poem of hers (I have placed below) familiar to many I am sure, impressed me deeply. It inspired my haiku. Since then I have really put each fruit pit and seed in soil or water, I have a line of avocados making roots in glasses on our kitchen counter. I hope to have some peaches... It feels like at least something I can do that touches the core of life and renewal. I think she would like this.

without a word
remaining between us –
with a sharp knife,
I cut the soft yellow peach
to the ragged bloody pit

~ Hortensia Anderson

with love and admiration, from Kathabela - thank you Curtis for gathering us here...

Anonymous said...

I love this poem about death. I did not know of Hortensia before but am sorry for your loss. I will look up her work now. Thank you for your beautiful writing :)