Saturday, May 19, 2012

A quick Saturday update

Okay poets, let's support Garry. I received the following message from Renee Owen:

Hi Curtis:

Don't know if anyone mentioned to you already, but Garry Gay is looking for some votes from his haiku friends for a chance to have one of his photos used in a commercial for the fine art site that sells his work, Fine Art America.

Below there are three links to his photos. Vote for all three, if you have time (just click on the image, set-up a free account as collector and then go back and click on his image to vote). You should notice his vote tally going up by 1 after you vote.

Go Garry!! Thanks, xo Renee Owen

P.S. Could you post this on your wonderful blog, Tobacco Road??


snowbird said...

I voted for the red butterfly but then I saw the white orchids ... I couldn't vote for them because I'd already voted....but they are both lovely photos.

extraspecialbitter said...

Thanks for posting this, Curtis. I've voted for two of the photos and have tweeted for others to do the same.

snowbird said...

Well, I sure wish they had permitted my vote for the orchids as well. But I also FB and tweeted this.... great photos indeed.