Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday updates

A new issue of Notes from the Gean (with a great new look) is online:

Dear Readers,

Notes from the Gean, volume 3, Issue 3 is now online.

You can view our new and exciting page turning “flip” format by clicking on the following link.

There are full instructions on how to navigate the flip format on the Yudu, Carbon Neutral page.

Thank you and enjoy!

Colin Stewart Jones
Notes from the Gean

Penny Harter sent this:

Hi family and friends,

My haibun, "Moon-Seeking Soup" from my chapbook Recycling Starlight, appears on Jama Rattigan's blog, Jama's Alphabet Soup, posted today, December 10th, to accompany the December 2011 full moon.

I am blessed and honored, both by Jama's comments and by the responses of her readers, to whom I've replied both individually and in a post at the end (so far) of the comments.  And I encourage you all to try making the soup---it's really good.

You should also add parsnips and peeled / diced apple for sweetening. If you read through my responses to readers' responses, and then mine at the end (so far) of those, I mention that I left those ingredients out of the recipe in the poem.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far, and as I said in my comment on Jama's blog, we all need to look for light as we approach the Solstice. I hope "Moon-Seeking Soup" helps you find the light in all you do, even the simple act of soup-making.


11 December 2011

Re: New Issue of World Haiku Review is now online: December 2011 Issue

The World Haiku Club is pleased to announce that the December 2011 Issue of World Haiku Review is now online. Click on:

Rohini Gupta, our Technical Editor, is continuing her noble and arduous task of retrieving and rescuing poems, articles, treatises, reports, contributions etc. of the past World Haiku Review issues 2001 - 2007, which got tragically lost in mysterious circumstances. Her first effort is focused on saving, recovering and rescuing only. She will then gradually sort them out and give them shape. If you happen to come across any of these invaluable items of the past WHR issues, by all means please let us know.

The following poets, please take a look at this new issue to find your poems among the best 10s:
aju mukhopadhyay, Susan Constable, Carmel Lively Westerman, Patricia Prime, Priscila H. Lignori, Marie Shimane, Peggy Heinrich, Anita Virgil, André Surridge, Cynthia Rowe, Marje A. Dyck, Marilyn Potter, Kai Falkman, Bruce R. Boynton, Feu Violet, CaroleAnn Lovin, LeRoy Gorman, Lucille Raizada, Owen Bullock

We do hope that you will enjoy this issue of World Haiku Review.


Susumu Takiguchi
Managing Editor & Acting Editor-in-Chief, World Haiku Review
Chairman, The World Haiku Club

Kala Ramesh
Deputy Editor-in-Chief, World Haiku Review
Rohini Gupta
Technical Editor, World Haiku Review

Alice Osborn sent this:

I'm thrilled to announce the pre-order season of my newest poetry book, After the Steaming Stops which will be published March 2012 by Main Street Rag Publishing Company.

Pre-order price is 30% off (reg price $11) at $7. Order now to beat the crowd and save some money for your future self.

Yes, the catch is that you won't have it in your hands for the holidays, BUT if you tell me that you pre-ordered it because of this email, the first four people will receive a free signed copy of my smash hit Unfinished Projects! Here I am at my last reading at Only at Barnhills in Winston-Salem:

Read what poet Scott Owens says about After the Steaming Stops:

“In Tillie Olson's ‘I Stand Here Ironing,’ we've seen the image of the ironing board and the steam press used before as a revelation of the hazards of the American dream of perfection (particularly for women)—perfect house, perfect marriage, perfect family, perfect composure. In these poignant poems, Alice Osborn hauntingly and painfully updates and expands the use of domestic imagery as an expression of that narrow dream's tyranny, adding to it the expectations and regimentation inherited from a successful military grandfather, and the inevitable insufficiency of everything else.”

and poet Sara Claytor, “This is a book crammed with images, explicit descriptions, characters and emotions. It needs to be read.”

Warmest and thank you so much for your support, my friends!


Alice Osborn, M.A. is the author of three books of poetry, After the Steaming Stops (Main Street Rag, 2012), Unfinished Projects (Main Street Rag, 2010) and Right Lane Ends (Catawba, 2006); she is a manuscript editor, successful blogger and powerful speaker. Alice teaches creative writing all over the country where she uses sensory images and road-tested prompts to stimulate her students’ best work. Her work has appeared in Raleigh’s News and Observer, The Pedestal Magazine, and in numerous journals and anthologies. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband and two children. Visit her website at

Dietmar Tauchner sent this:

schnee by dietmar tauchner & bernd bechtloff - cd release

"schnee" -
an exceptional audio book has been released a few days ago.
blixa bargeld, singer of the einstuerzende neubauten and bass player at nick cave and the bad seeds, and others reciting poems by dietmar tauchner in a modern, unexpected, extatic and sensual way.
in combination with the excellent music by bernd bechtloff, "schnee" is the soundtrack of a sonorous silence. the album "schnee" introduces snow as the 5th element, as a broad screen for the psyche. "schnee" is a secret path to the virtual dimensions of being. now you may listen to the snow to warm up your mind.

available at -
or at  -

outtakes from the cd at

Sasa Vazic sent this:

Haiku Reality Vol. 8, No. 15, Winter 2011 Issue is Out

A new issue of Sketchbook is online.

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