Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday updates

Pris Campbell sent this:

Rusty Truck has one of my poems up today in its Days of Protest series. If you feel so moved and are able to comment on the site to let the editor know you read it and what you think about it, I would be grateful.


Visit my website at
and my blog, Songs To A Midnight Sky at

Here are the results of the 13th HIA Haiku Contest (2011)

colin stewart jones sent this:

Hi all,

The new issue of NFTG looks great and will be up around the 8th. There is a teaser up now!

There are now too many mags coming out on or around the same day (this was not the case when we fist started) which has created a bottleneck of haiku.

As we are not in competition with anyone and we would hope that due time will be given to reading every magazine properly we have decided to delay publication of NFTG by one week.

However, we don't want to keep you waiting too long for your favourite magazine but because of the reasons stated above, NFTG will now hit the cyber stands around the middle of the month for future issues.


Collin Barber had a flash fiction piece published recently in Spilling Ink Review.

Roberta Beary was awarded an honorable mention in the Haiku Internation Association contest for this poem:

weeping willow
soldiers trudge by
without a glance

Roberta also received an Editor's Choice award from The Heron's Nest for the following poem:

closing time
winter dusk slides down
the book drop

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