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Haiku in the Garden: A Haiku Walk and Writing Workshop

The North Carolina Haiku Society (NCHS)

Saturday, October 22nd 2:30 – 4:30

To many people, a haiku is a short poem of 17 syllables, written in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. In the Japanese haiku tradition, however, the 5-7-5 sound pattern is not sufficient to make a poem a haiku. There are other conventions of form and content that are more important. For example, traditional Japanese haiku include a “season word,” and they often try to convey a connection between Nature and human nature. They are often divided into 2 asymmetrical parts that do not make a complete sentence. They typically use simple language and present images with little or no commentary.

Not only that, but haiku conventions have become more complex since the early years of the 20th century, when many poets in Japan and elsewhere deemphasized the strict 5-7-5 pattern in order to focus on other elements of haiku form and tradition. Other poets have broken with tradition in order to seek new possibilities in haiku.

This workshop will begin with an introduction of simple approaches to writing haiku. Participants will take a “haiku walk” in the Gardens and Nature Trail with NCHS members and follow-up with a discussion of the poems written by participants.

Fee:  $15 ($10 NCBG members)

Pris Campbell sent this:

I'm sending this to those of you who may be interested in my latest chapbook out: Postscripts to the Dead.

The ordering site that prints MiPo's chapbook series is offering a sales cut on all of their items until October 30, so now is the time to get a print copy if you want one. You have to register at the site to order but it's no big deal. I registered a year ago to buy a couple of chaps I wanted and they've sent me no spam.

6.71 sale price , plus shipping  (UNTIL OCT 30)  7.99  regular price , after Oct 30,  plus shipping. The book is 32 pages long. Color cover by Didi Menendez since this book is part of the MiPo series.

digital download is free. We just want people to read the book, not spend a fortune.

The first review is out and he quotes two poems from the book in their entirety which may help you make a decision. I'm excited about the book. (review by Grady Harp)


Notes from the Gean: press release

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

Our submissions page contains all the relevant information on how to submit. To be considered for any particular issue submissions must be in hand one month before the listed publication dates.

The next issue is due out December 1st but we have extended the submission period for an extra week to November 7th for our December 1st issue only.

Please also check our Gean News tab for any updates.

If you are experiencing any problems with the new web forms them please simply send your submissions by email to the relevant editors:





Linked forms:


thank you

Colin Stewart Jones

Richard Krawiec sent this:

I'm really excited that Lola Haskins is going to be the featured poet at the January 21 meeting of the NCPS.  I'm sure you all know her work, but in case you need to refresh yourself.

On Sunday, January 22, the day after the NCPS meeting, Jacar Press will be hosting her for a Master Class.  There will be limited seating, to insure everyone who attends gets direct feedback on their work.  We still need to work out the details of location and cost - which will be under $50, but how much under is dependent on where we hold the workshop.

Since all of you have been supportive of my work, and Jacar's work, in the past I wanted to give you the chance to reserve a spot before I go public with the announcement.

I do NOT want any money now, and I understand this is a tentative commitment.  But don't say you think you'd like to go if you're only 50/50.  If you're pretty confident you want to attend, barring unforeseen difficulties, let me know.

Lola is a well-connected poet, and a great person.  When I got Betty Adcock to critique poems at Quail Ridge Books, one of the poets who showed up ended up being published by a magazine where Betty knew the editor and recommended him.

That's one of the reasons why we go to these things. To develop those contacts.

But the main reason is, we just want to make our work better.

Let me know if you think you'd like to reserve a spot.

Check out my websites!

S E E  T H E  V O I C E !

Fri, Nov 4 and Sat. Nov 5
Pacific Cinémathèque
1131 Howe St

Vancouver, BC, Fri Nov 4 and Sat Nov 5‹Curator and host Heather Haley and Pacific Cinémathèque enter their second decade of the Visible Verse Festival, an annual celebration that has become the sustaining venue for artistically significant poetry video and film in North America. It has always featured a strong component of B.C. and Canadian work; now Visible Verse attracts more international submissions than ever before.

Friday evening¹s far-reaching program is a showcase of more than 35 short films and videos from Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

 On Saturday afternoon at 4 pm, the festival presents an Artist Talk and Q&A with pioneering videopoet Tom Konyves, author of the newly released VIDEOPOETY: A Manifesto. Signed hard copies will be available for sale.

Immediately following at 5 pm, Heather Haley hosts a Visiting Poets Reading with esteemed visual poet Alexander Jorgensen from Pennsylvania and California¹s dynamic performance poet Rich Ferguson. Admission is by donation for both events.

For further information, including high def images, contact:

Heather Haley
Pacific Cinémathèque
778 861-4050

Roberta Beary's work will be featured in A Companion to Poetic Genre (Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture).

The hardcover edition of Roberta's book entitled The Unworn Necklace can be purchased at The Unworn Necklace received a Merit Book Award from the Haiku Society of America and was a finalist in the Poetry Society of America’s William Carlos Williams Award – the first book of haiku to receive such recognition.

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Pris said...

Curtis, thanks for adding my letter to your post. Because of that, Sketchbook wants to add Postscripts to the Dead in its book fair listings on their site. You're the best!