Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday updates

Terry Ann Carter (Ottawa, Canada) is pleased to announce the publication of Lighting the Global Lantern: A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Haiku and Related Literary Forms, Wintergreen Studios Press, Frontenac, Ontario. This is a guide for high school and post secondary educators and anyone with a teen aged spirit who wants to learn more about the aha! poetry of our time. Articles by Penny Harter, LeRoy Gorman, Rick Black, Randy Brooks, Rich Schnell, Jeff Winke, Jim Kacian, Pamela Miller Ness, Deborah  P Kolodji, Michael Dylan Welch, Michael McClintock, John Dunphy, Raffael de Gruttola, Jessica Tremblay and many more. Lists of up-to-date resources (Tobacco Road blog is mentioned!), literary journals, and student haiku examples by Virgilio contest winners (with permission of Tony Virgilio)

Lighting the Global Lantern is clear and easy to read. It will serve as a fine resource for teachers who want to take their students beyond counting syllables to a better understanding of the true nature of haiku.” Marco Fraticelli

Lighting the Global Lantern is fascinating and a much needed resource for teachers. Raffael de Gruttola

 178 pages, $25.00 on amazon.com

The author and publisher would appreciate a short “review” for the amazon website. A thousand bows.

Robert D. Wilson is giving away free ebooks of Jack Fruit Moon and Tanka Fields. Visit his A Lousy Mirror web site for more information.

A new issue of Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine has been published online.

Here is an interesting article about our new Poet Laureate, Philip Levine.


Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Thanks for all the info, Curtis!

snowbird said...

Hi, Curtis, Thanks for posting Terry's book. Carole MacRury mentioned it to me as a must for anyone who is teaching haiku or wants to share their love of haiku with others. I'm looking forward to reading it.

snowbird said...

Hi, again, Curtis. Thanks for that link to Philip Levine's interview. I enjoyed it when I heard it on NPR. When I was writing Western free verse poetry I found him extremely approachable and enjoyed his books a great deal. He talks of real people in real life.