Friday, August 26, 2011

renray number 2 needs a title

A second "renray" has been written. The poets and poems appear in this order:

Curtis Dunlap, Aubrie Cox, Susan Nelson Myers, Terri French

The renray needs a title. My good friends and collaborators have agreed to let readers of Tobacco Road suggest a title. The title can be from a stanza in the poem or (and this could make things really interesting) a title that does not reference a stanza in the poem.

So, readers, what title or titles do you suggest for our renray?


easing into the day...
a dab of apple butter
on a biscuit              cd

mist settles
into the orchard        ac

yesterday's phantoms
in morning shadows          snm

autumn winds take respite        tf

mountain music
grandpa blows into a jug         cd

rocking chair creaks
on the porch's
uneven boards           ac

a spider tats
another row             snm

corn husks tossed
into the campfire
strains of kumbaya     tf

August 24, 2011


Curtis Dunlap said...

Susan Delphine Delaney suggested "Morning Shadows" as a title via email.

Curtis Dunlap said...

Karen Bennett Lewis (via Facebook) "...everything about it reminds me of time spent along the Blue Ridge to me it's 'Blue Ridge Harmonies'"

Michael Dylan Welch said...

Gee, so many possible titles:

Easing into the Day
Apple Butter
Butter on a Biscuit
Phantoms Cloister
Taking Respite
Mountain Music
Uneven Boards
Corn Husks
A Spider Tats
Tossed into the Fire

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Very nice, Curtis and all.

Title suggestion: Tobacco Road, though Michael's are all quite fine.


Pamela A. Babusci said...

wonderful-thanks for sharing!

Curtis Dunlap said...

Pamela A. Babusci via Facebook: i like: "uneven boards"!! that is my vote!!

Al Fogel said...

"Campfire Days" is my suggestion as the fire illuminates the days events. The poem begins with "easing into the day" and ends with "campfire" and song.

Thanks for sharing,


Brett said...

I vote for Morning Shadows. But what's a renray, other than obviously a shorter renku?

Curtis Dunlap said...

Fran Masat in Key West suggest "Fall Gathering" as a title.

pat n said...

wonderful blog, curtis, something i always look forward to!

love the renray . . . .


Curtis Dunlap said...

Stevie Strang suggest "Mountain Music" as a title.

Anonymous said...

I like the previously suggested "Blue Ridge Harmonies" or "Mountain Music". Also, just plain "Respite", or "Intermezzo".

Curtis Dunlap said...

Annie Hall said via email: I thought a great title for the poem would be, 'Harmony foothills Carolina home'

Curtis Dunlap said...

"Another Row..." was suggested by B via email.