Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two Publications - Submissions


Submission are now open for DailyHaiku Cycle 7!

DailyHaiku is a print and daily online serial publication that exists to promote and preserve the gentle written art of haiku. DailyHaiku publishes the work of Canadian and international haiku poets, blending contemporary, experimental, and traditional styles to explore the boundaries of English-language haiku. Through our special features section, we also aim to chronicle the diverse and ever-changing landscape of contemporary haiku-related forms. We're now looking for a new roster of six talented haiku poets for our upcoming cycle (Volume 4, Cycle 7, Spring/Summer 2009). If selected as a contributor, you will be responsible for providing a total of 28 haiku over a six-month period.

Submission Period: March 1st--31th, 2009 (closes 11:59 pm Mountain Standard Time)

How to Submit: Email submissions to

What to Submit: Ten unpublished haiku---no more, no less---your contact information, and a 75 word biographical note. We do not accept work published or under consideration by other journals or websites.

Payment: One contributor copy of the print volume featuring your work.

Notes: Edited by Patrick M. Pilarski and Nicole Pakan, DailyHaiku features the work of six authors presented over a six month time frame. Each week, the work of a different author from the current contributor team is featured on the website. The contributor team at DailyHaiku changes twice per year---once in April and once in October. We also publish a series of special features, and all contributed work will be considered for inclusion in our annual print journal. Published once a year in the early fall, the print journal features the work of the previous two contributor teams. One exemplary week of contributed haiku each year will also be awarded the DailyHaiku Editors' Choice Award and featured prominently in the print edition. Previous contributors: to keep the journal dynamic, we ask that you wait at least one or two cycles before re-submitting to DailyHaiku.

For specific submission guidelines and more information about this publication, please visit:

World Haiku Review


Submission Guidelines

Dear Kuyu,

The next issue is planned for March 2009. We will stop considering submissions as soon as we have enough good works to publish. So, hurry!

As for haiku poems in English or in English translation, send in by e-mail essentially anything you like, traditional or nontraditional and up to ten haiku poems, which have not been published or are not planned to be published elsewhere, to: AND

The only criterion for selection is quality. (If you feel the attached selection criteria are too vague, consult a few other leading publications for their criteria and judge them for yourself.)

We will put selected haiku poems in either the Neo-classical Haiku, Shintai (new style) Haiku or Vanguard Haiku sections according to their characteristics. Therefore, you as a writer of haiku need not worry about this classification at all. Just follow whatever haiku your muse dictates, let it compose itself and choose the best of the poems thus created and send them to us.

As for all other works relating to haiku (renku, haibun, articles, essays or book reviews on haiku etc.), just send in whatever you think would deserve publication in WHR. Once again, quality is the only key. I will mention some indications about our selection criteria below for those who may be interested to know them.

Susumu Takiguchi
Managing Editor and Acting Editor-in-Chief, World Haiku Review
Chairman, The World Haiku Club

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