Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Heron's Nest Print Edition

The print edition of The Heron's Nest is available. Webmaster & Contributing Editor, Paul David Mena writes:

Volume X of The Heron's Nest will soon appear in the mailboxes of those who submitted pre-publication orders. We are pleased with it and have good hopes that our readers will also be pleased. If you haven't yet ordered your copy (or copies) please follow the easy instructions under "paper subscription" here:

And please consider making a small gift to assist in keeping The Heron's Nest coming through this year and beyond. Your support is important and deeply appreciated!

The Heron's Nest is a vital bridge for bringing modern English language haiku to the masses. Read what others are saying:

"For 10 years now The Heron’s Nest has been a standard-setter for contemporary haiku, not only for the journal’s content, but also because of its innovative hybrid nature that so perfectly bridges the worlds of electronic and print publication. Hats off to the excellent editors. May you have many more decades of success!"

Charles Trumbull, Modern Haiku

"The Heron's Nest has become the journal of choice for many poets whose work explores the more traditional realms of English-language haiku. Having this fine work collected yearly between covers grants the more traditional pleasures of reading at leisure and in comfort. Always a welcome addition to any haiku library."

Jim Kacian, Red Moon Press

"The Heron's Nest has delivered haiku worthy to be read, imagined, and felt. It has accomplished this by avoiding the distractions of haiku trends and poetics debates. It values the poetic experience and the haiku poet's sensibility. That's all. It is enough."

Randy Brooks, Brooks Books

"Christopher Herold's baby has matured into a much-heralded showcase for fine haiku. I can't count the number of beginning haijin whom I have steered to for examples of consistently high quality poems. I congratulate all of the editors on this milestone anniversary, and I look forward to the pleasure of immersing myself in the pages of The Heron's Nest for many years to come."

Carolyn Hall, Acorn

"The Heron’s Nest represents for me - even from its first issues - a place where the voices of contemporary haiku poets are gathered from everywhere and presented to the postmodern reader. Congratulations to its founder and to its editors!"

Ion Codrescu

Founder editor of Albatross and Hermitage international haiku journals

". . . deserving of its standing in the upper echelon of English-language haiku journals. Its solid editorial stance and the commitment of its editors invariably inform selections that strike an engaging balance, from universal human-oriented work to haiku that evidence genuine naturalistic competence."

John Barlow, author and editor The New Haiku, Wing Beats: British Birds in Haiku, etc.

ISSN 1538-7747
$17 US
$19 Canada and Mexico
$21 Other Locations

The print edition is perfect for carrying many unique haiku voices with you when you travel. Order your copy today.

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Unknown said...

I wasn't aware that the Nest had an
ezine until issue 7 became an annual papper edition. Honestly, I
do miss the Nest showing up in my mailbox around the 3rd of each month and I took it hard when the 12 issues per year went to 11, plus
the Valentine Issue. With all of the haiku publication out there, The Heron's Nest is my favorite haiku publication, & with 5 editors to impress. If you can impress these guys, you have accomplished something.