Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday updates - October 16, 2012

Lenard D. Moore had a poem published recently in The News & Observer. The title of the poems is "At The State Fair".


Brendan Slater sent this:

Press Release: Yet To Be Named Free Press

Founding Editor: Brendan Slater, brendan@yettobenamedfreepress.org
Anthology Editor: Alan Summers, alan@yettobenamedfreepress.org Brendan Slater, Yet To Be Named Free Press
Submissions: subs@yettobeneamedfreepress.org


YTBNFP is an indie publisher utilising POD to get fresh, exciting, experimental, quality short-verse out into the market place without all the overheads of a traditional publishing business, in fact we are not a business we are a co-operative and non-profit making, our authors, editors and artists get equal shares of any profits, we also plan to set up a trust fund for poets who are hard up and cannot afford books or their gas bills, etc. This will take some time setting up as short-verse is a niche market, we don't expect to get rich from this, if we wanted that we'd be publishing 50 shades of my Vicar's wife's knickers, or something less tasteful.

Our first title released in August is Four Virtual Haiku Poets (http://www.yettobenamedfreepress.org/p/four-virtual-haiku-poets.html), an anthology of the work of Scott Terrill, Brendan Slater, Colin Stewart Jones and Michael Goglia, edited by Alan Summers and Brendan Slater. It's available through Amazon at $7.50, £5.00 and €6.00.

Our second title also released in August is In Bed With Kerouac (http://www.yettobenamedfreepress.org/p/in-bed-with-kerouac.html), a mixed genre book by Brendan Slater, available through Amazon at $7.50, £5.00 and €6.00.

Our third title has just been released, Does Fish-God Know, a collection of gendai haiku by Alan Summers. More information to come in a separate press release @ http://www.yettobenamedfreepress.org/p/does-fish-god-know.html

We are also accepting submission for an anthology called c.2.2. Where only pen names will be published. Please visit this address for guidelines: http://www.yettobenamedfreepress.org/p/call-for-subs-anthology-c22.html

Selected poems from our first three titles can be read here: http://www.yettobenamedfreepress.org/p/selected-poems.html

Please stop by and take a look, maybe you'll like what you see, maybe you'll want to get involved, we're always open to fresh ideas to take short-verse to new and exciting places.

--- Brendan Slater, Yet To Be Named Free Press

Howard Lee Kilby sent this:

The 17th haiku conference in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas is moving forward steadily. Haiku Hot Springs will be held at the Arlington Hotel, Friday and Saturday, November 2-3, 2012 from 9 am - 5 pm both days. There is a conference rate of $84 plus tax for those who wish to attend: www.arlingtonhotel.com  use HAIKU as the code word and if there are any problems in making a reservation call 501-767-6096 also for information. Here are some of the poets attending as of this moment: Charles Trumbull, Santa Fe, NM, Sonia Coman and her husband Eduard from New York, NY, Dr. Jianqing (John) Zheng of Itta Bena, MS, Susan Delphine Delaney, M.D., Plano, TX, Christine Spindel, Memphis, TN, Celia Stuart-Powles, Tulsa, OK, Gordon Bradford, Bella Vista, AR, Vic Fleming, Little Rock, AR, R. Paul Tucker, M.D., Hot Springs, AR, Carlos Colón, Shreveport, LA, and other poets.

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas is the first land set aside by congress long before the national park system was established. It was set aside in 1832 by congress for the benefit of future citizens to enjoy the healing waters of the Valley of the Vapors. This is also the city where a young seven-year-old fatherless boy began elementary school after moving here with his mother. He grew up and became first the governor of Arkansas and then president of the United States. Bill Clinton played jazz in Hot Springs in the 50's and early 60's while still in high school.

For information please contact Howard Lee Kilby, Arkansas Haiku Society at hkilby@hotmail.com please use Haiku Conference in the subject line to telephone 501-767-6096. Mahalo.

ayaz daryl nielsen sent this:

bear creek haiku now has a blog site


ayaz daryl nielsen, editor of bear creek haiku, has two collections of poetry recently released, 'Concentric Penumbras of the Heart' and 'haiku  tumbleweeds still tumbling'

And finally, something for you to consider:

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