Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday updates

Hi Folks,

I'm writing to let you know about The Haiku Foundation Video Archive campaign on IndieGoGo.

Take a moment if you would to check it out.  All the tools are there.  Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates.  If enough of us get behind it, we can make 'The Haiku Foundation Video Archive' happen. This is a word of mouth kind of campaign, so passing this link along and spreading the word is greatly appreciated too. Thanks for having a look, and take care.

Jim Kacian
The Haiku Foundation

Hi Curtis,

Thought you and your readers would like to hear about the HSA booth at the 52nd Sakura Matsui Japanese Street Festival. It has taken a while to catch my breath, but we were able to reach out to lots of people. I have written up a short article:  or you can go to my personal Facebook page and check out the wealth of pictures to get a sense of the day, too.

Many thanks,

Rick Black
Turtle Light Press
(908) 227-7951



We're ready to begin accepting offers of content for the third issue of our Journal of Renga & Renku, which is now listed with the Bibliography of Asian Studies and the MLA International Bibliography. The journal will be:

1. published early 2013

2. available in hardcopy only

3. available for secure online purchase using Paypal

We're looking for a variety of content along the lines of:

1. academic/polemic articles on any aspects of the genre

2. translations of old renga and renku

3. news of renku groups and happenings

4. book articles/reviews

5. letters responding to the contents of previous issues, or on any relevant topic

6. and of course, a showcase of current examples of the genre:

a) in English

b) in any other language, accompanied by an English translation

c) previously published or not (just let us have details of prior publication so we can acknowledge properly)

d) simultaneous offers are fine too, again provided you advise us immediately of acceptance, for purposes of acknowledgement

e) in any of the standard forms: kasen, triparshva, nijûin, jûnichô, shisan, rokku, hyakuin, imachi, yotsumono, etc.

f) in any explorations of the above forms in terms of experimentation with one-line, zip, 5/7/5 or other fixed counts, and even rhyme

g) solo and group work

h) with (preferably) or without notes/reflections on the poem/process from sabaki or renju or both

i) Please include the following text in all poetry submissions: "I hereby confirm that I have obtained consent from all of the participating poets to offer this poem for publication by JRR"

7. We are also holding a contest, the winning poem to appear in JRR3; click here for details:

8. We're open to discussing content ideas we've not covered above, so please write

9. All communications will be acknowledged within two weeks

10. Closing date for sending content: October 1, 2012

11. We are regretfully unable to pay contributors for content at this stage

To gain an idea of the sort of content that interests the editors, leaf through the previews of our previous issues (or, better still, buy them) at

Please send all contributions and other communications to (RengaRenku AT gmail DOT com)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Norman Darlington
Moira Richards
Journal of Renga & Renku

Dear Curtis,
An announcement for Tobacco Road.
Thanks so much,


For the past four-and-a-half years I have derived great pleasure from editing Acorn. It has been a joy to read your submissions and publish your haiku. A delightful bonus was that I got to know so many of you in the haiku community. I cherish the connections we have made and look forward to our continued friendship as fellow poets. I will watch for your poems in Acorn and other haiku journals and eagerly anticipate seeing you at haiku conferences and events.

I thank AC Missias, who founded Acorn in 1998, for giving me the opportunity to assume the role of editor in 2008. And now I have the privilege of handing over the reins to Susan Antolin who will become editor of Acorn beginning with the Fall 2012 issue. As I move on to pursue other interests, I am so fortunate to have found someone whose outstanding abilities as a haiku poet, and whose experience as a haiku journal editor, make me feel certain that Acorn’s reputation as a journal of the highest quality haiku will be continued and even enhanced under her guidance. Sue has published a wonderful collection of haiku titled Artichoke Season (which you should read, if you have not already done so). She is currently president of the Haiku Poets of Northern California, co-editor of Mariposa, the HPNC haiku journal, and editor of Ripples, the newsletter of the Haiku Society of America. Most important, I know and trust her poetic vision.

Poems for the Fall 2012 issue will be read during July and August only. Please send your submissions directly to Susan at (Please note the new email address. The website will remain the same:
All best,
Carolyn Hall

Carlos Colón talked haiku recently on Kate Archer Kent's Red River Radio (KDAQ, 89.9 FM)

A new Gallery of Haiga from haigaonline featuring Ron C. Moss and Michael Dylan Welch

Many Thanks.


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