Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday updates

Now out from Modern Haiku Press.

Haiku 21: an anthology of contemporary English-language haiku
edited by Lee Gurga & Scott Metz
with an introduction by the editors
Perfectbound, 205 pages: over 600 haiku by more than 200 poets
Modern Haiku Press, 2011 (Lincoln, IL)
ISBN: 978-0-974189-45-1
$20 + $3 (shipping) in U.S.; $20 + $6 (shipping) in Canada; $20 + $12 (shipping) all other countries

In forms ranging from monostich to multilayer to interlinear spaces, Haiku 21 reveals a shift in haiku writing in English today. Along with typically haikuesque sensibilities come fleeting remarks, cosmic wonders, whimsies, dissonances, gritty and elegant meldings with nature, veritable koans. An eye-opening collection. —Hiroaki Sato

This is the most important anthology of English-language haiku to be published in decades. If you are curious to discover how this briefest form of literature has evolved in the 21st century into a novel and potent contemporary poetics, open this book! —Richard Gilbert

Here's a haiga video by Donna Beaver, Al Pizzarelli, and Anita Virgil:


Aubrie Cox sent this:

Dear friends,

Although many of you have already gotten wind of it via Facebook, I wanted to send out a semi-sort-of-kind-of official notice that the dragon/water/fire poems are now online!

But more importantly, thank you again for sharing your works with me and everyone else. I hope all of you are blessed with a warm, pleasant, and fruitful year!


Ray Rasmussen sent this:

Hi Curtis,

Please announce the new issue of CHO, just released. I think that you've already announced the December releases of Haibun Today, A Hundred Gourds and Notes from the Gean.

And you may wish to consider announcing this haiku genre journal website. I just put together the list. I think that it's relatively complete, but there's also a spot for adding journals.

Ray Rasmussen

Dear Sketchbook readers and writers:

The Nov/Dec 31, 2011 Issue of Sketchbook is now on-line:
Sketchbook: Vol. 6-6: November/December 31, 2011

Please consider contributing to the Haiku and Haiga New Year’s Festival site.

The November/December 2011 issue of Sketchbook features Poetry and Art from 68 writers living in 18 countries.

The Sketchbook editors send New Year’s Greetings to each of you. Submissions are open for the January / February 2012 Issue. Read the complete submission guidelines.

Sketchbook editors: Karina Klesko and John Daleiden
kk / jd Klesko/Director Sketchbook
Karina Klesko, Senior Editor
John Daleiden, Editor/Webmaster

Haiku and Tanka Harvest
Authored by Victor P Gendrano

Selected Haiku and Tanka poems, 2006-2011

A selection of over 200 haiku and tanka poems previously published in various online and print journals as well as book anthologies, written from 2006-2011.

Order Haiku and Tanka Harvest at the following URL:

Penny Harter shared this interesting essay entitled More than the Birds, Bees, and Trees: A Closer Look at Writing Haibun by Aimee Nezhukumatathil also has a Poetic Forms & Techniques page.

Janak Sapkota sent this preview of his new book entitled Whisper of Pines.

Download the Whisper of Pines preview here.

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