Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For Mike


Unknown said...

A fine tribute to a fine man. Thanks for sharing this Curtis.

Area 17 said...

I love this tribute to Mike. He would have appreciated it. It's down to earth and highly respectful, and delivered beautifully.

I second every single word you said, thanks Curtis.

As Mike was a cowboy, here's one about a few days trip I took in Australian farm country:

flickering in the silence
corralled horses

Alan Summers
Modern Haiku
(Fall 1995 vol. xxvi no. 3)

I hope a publisher sees your tribute and realises that a posthumous collection would be a wonderful gift to his family, and to all of us who respected Mike, and respect fine haiku, and fine whisky too of course. ;-)


kirsty said...

And this is one helluva tribute. I knew Mike pretty well a few years back and he was a great man and cowboy poet.


LadyArt said...

You chose the splash of JD. A man's choice. A good one.

Your wonderful haiku and the vid are an impressive tribute.

Your haiku... the way all living things go, our importance, put into three litttle lines. Thank you


Unknown said...

I'm a stranger to Mike and this online community of the living and the dead, but for a brief moment the world is a better place. I drink whiskey where the Piscataqua rushes toward the Atlantic, and this tribute will stay.

Peter Newton said...


A great nod to a fellow poet -- and a cowboy poet at that. I will seek Mike Farley out to meet him for myself through his poems. Thanks for the introduction.


snowbird said...

Thanks, Curtis, for a fine tribute.