Monday, August 31, 2009

Two new issues - Notes From the Gean & The Heron's Nest

What better way to kick-off a new month than to have two quality poetry publications online and ready for viewing!

The September issue of Gean Tree Press's Notes From the Gean is available at Haiku, haiga, tanka, and more await the reader.

And why I'm on the subject of quality publications, be sure to read the reviews of A New Resonance 6: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku (edited by Jim Kacian & Dee Evetts) and The Onawa Poems 1999-2008 (edited by Paul MacNeil).

Expect a review of The Onawa Poems on Tobacco Road within the next couple of weeks.

A new issue of The Heron's Nest is also online at The Heron's Nest was among the first if not the first online haiku journal. It is a global literary phenomenon, publishing poets from numerous countries, the only place I know where you can read a new issue then browse through a decade of archived issues.

Happy reading!


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snowbird said...

Wait till you see the good work everyone at geantree put in. Their new site is great! I'm also feeling autumn coming on (or is that old age? :-)) Time to slow down and spend a little more time with nature - meeting old friends in Heron's Nest and learning a thing or two about writing.
To quote Lois Armstrong..."It's a wonderful life..." with haiku friends. Thanks all. Merrill