Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Modern Haiku is moving

This just in from Charlie Trumbull:

Please note that Modern Haiku is moving to New Mexico!

After the close of the current reading period on July 15, the MH files will be packed up for the move to Santa Fe. For a period of about a month, processing of new submissions will be suspended and response times will be very slow. We will try to process subscription matters as promptly as possible, but there may be some delays in this area too. We beg your understanding! With luck, we’ll be able to meet our publishing schedule and have issue 40.3 in the mail on schedule in October.

Effective immediately, the new address for all Modern Haiku matters is:

Charles Trumbull
Editor, Modern Haiku
PO Box 33077
Santa Fe NM 87594-9998

Mail will be forwarded from our Evanston mailbox for six months, but using that box, of course, will only add to the delay in processing your submissions and subscriptions.

We think we’ll be able to keep our present e-mail address:

All best,


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