Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lenard D. Moore recites haiku

Though I'm out of town, I owe the readers of Blogging Along Tobacco Road a Sunday post.

For your viewing and listening pleasure, I present to you HSA president Lenard D. Moore:


The Hamster said...

Great idea Curtis! Videos of haiku being read bring a whole new dimension to the poem. I'll see if I can corral Raffael and Paul into doing a short video with me of one of our renku.



Curtis Dunlap said...

Thanks, Brett.

Would you believe I shot that video on a camcorder that cost $129? Google "The Flip" camcorder.

Technology is certainly getting cheaper. Video recordings of poets at haiku/poetry gatherings may become a common thing,eh?

I look forward to seeing you, Paul, and Raffael on YouTube!


nora said...

Thank you, Lenard for the haiku, and Curtis for capturing it for us!