Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Music Interlude: Laurel & Hardy

It's Friday! For those of you who are as appreciative as I am about this glorious day of the week, I offer this little interlude.

I'm glad they were around for the talkies.

Laurel and Hardy Lonesome Pine - Funny home videos are a click away


Ed Baker said...

you should see the version of this that they did with dancing

as I recall "soft shoe"

Ed Baker said...

I think in the same movie is where they dance:
Way Out West

through the "magic" of the net!
scroll down

Curtis Dunlap said...


Yes, I've seen their soft shoe number. Maybe I'll post that clip next Friday.

They are among my favorite performers. I saw Lonesome Pine this morning and thought, "Yes, this clip sets the tone for the day."

Take care and thanks for responding.