Saturday, October 4, 2008

A quick update and news

Between work, school, and an unforeseen hard drive crash, the last two weeks have been a busy time for me. For my technical poet pals out there let me say briefly that PCLinuxOS came to my rescue. I was able to run the Live CD GNOME version on my laptop (it found and configured all of my devices!). When it came time to save my work, I used Google Docs or a flash drive. Pretty cool, eh? continue using a computer with a slew of applications minus a hard drive? When the new hard drive arrived, I set aside a partition for PCLinuxOS. I'm currently dual booting PCLinxOS and XP.

Okay, that's enough of my nerdy side. :)

I received an email this week from Adelaide B. Shaw. She invites you to visit her White Petals blog. You may recall that Adelaide was our guest for a round of Haiku - Three Questions on June 29th. Please note that she's enabled a nice feature that will allow you to "follow" her post. Look for the feature on the right-side of her blog (you may have to scroll down a little).

Dave Russo over at the North Carolina Haiku Society Blog has some exciting news about Lenard D. Moore, poet and President of the Haiku Society of America. Congratulations Lenard!

It's stew season in Mayodan! Here's a slice of small town Americana for you (perhaps the pictures will inspire a poem):

I had two bowls of Brunswick stew for breakfast this morning, topped with several drops of Texas Pete.

I've been playing with my digital camera. The video quality is poor (a camcorder upgrade is in the works) but you'll get the idea for what may become my next side project.

I'll be back later today with the weekly Haiku - Three Questions post. I'm off to get another bowl of stew!


Issa's Untidy Hut said...


Loved the haiku video ... very nice, indeed.

Don @ Lilliput

Curtis Dunlap said...

Thanks, Don.

My nine-year-old daughter (a tech whiz!) was my director and camera operator. :)