Sunday, June 8, 2008

Naia - Three Questions

Naia's Poetry & Art Gallery is a wonderful looking web site loaded with great poetry. One feature that I especially enjoy is listening to her recite her poems. This very talented lady stops by Blogging Along Tobacco Road and shares her response to Haiku - Three Questions.

1. Why do you write haiku?

For me writing haiku is an organic expression of all the little ways of being that too often pass our notice. When I began writing haiku I also began perceiving the world differently, more intuitively within each moment.

2. What other poetic forms do you enjoy?

I enjoy well-crafted, insightful poems no matter the form. I love writing in a variety of forms other than haiku, especially tanka, cinquain, haibun, and a favorite of mine - haiga, with my watercolor or photographic images. And I am drawn to the free flow of formless words that by their very placement with others create a magical journey one is at odds to define but is compelled to feel.

3. Of the many wonderful haiku you've written, what do you consider to be your top three? (Please provide original publication credits.)

Selecting a "top three" is not something I'm able to do. I can tell you what I tend to gravitate toward, but then that usually changes with what I'm writing in the moment. However, the following three seem to have a resonance that, to me, lingers over time and space. I hope you enjoy them.

songbird . . .
   even the crow in the next tree

BASHO Festival Anthology, 2001 (Japan)

footsteps in new snow . . .
    the weight of them
        all day long

Hermitage, 2006

scented breeze . . .
    the whir of a hummingbird

Modern Haiku Vol XXXIII Nr 2 (Summer 2002)

Next week, Penny Harter shares her response to Haiku - Three Questions.

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