Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Haiku Page Issue 1.1

Here's a message from JQ Zheng about a new haiku publication:

Dear Poets,

Haiku Page has a new e-mail address:

Please send your submissions to this new e-mail address or by snail mail to:

The Editor, Haiku Page

14000 Highway 82 W., #5032

Itta Bena, MS 38941-1400

We intend to publish each issue in PDF format. Poets who want to receive a hard copy please send an SASE. We are not ready for subscriptions (rate will be decided later), but willing to send a hard copy to anyone who will mail us an SASE.

The submission deadline for Issue 1.2 is September 30, 2008. Please send no less than 5 or no more than 10 of your unpublished haiku/senryu.

Thank you for reading Haiku Page.

JQ Zheng


Greg said...


I had a couple poems in the first issue and received a paper copy of it... very professional and well-edited. In addition to the poems it contained two short pieces about Richard Wright and a few of his haiku.

Curtis Dunlap said...


I agree, nice publication and well-edited. I enjoyed the section about Richard Wright and I enjoyed all of the poems by contributors.

I thought your two poems were great. The first one jolted me back to my youth; my dad used to send me down to the basement to fetch cigars out of a box. I always had a feeling of dread as I descended those steps.

The second poem made me chuckle, the content being so true.

Thanks for dropping by Blogging Along Tobacco Road.


Greg said...


Thanks for the nice words. Glad you liked the poems. I thought the pieces about Richard Wright were good, too. That "laughing boy" haiku is one of my favorite.