Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Roberta Beary's The Unworn Necklace honored by Poetry Society of America

Haiku blogs are ablaze today with news of our very own Roberta Beary's book entitled The Unworn Necklace being a finalist (one of two) for the William Carlos Williams Award given by the Poetry Society of America. You may recall that Roberta was our featured Haiku - Three Questions poet on March 9, 2008.

Dave Russo of the North Carolina Haiku Society has a detailed blog post here, as does Bill Higginson on his Wordfield's Haikai Pub, and David Giacalone on his f/k/a blog.

Congratulations, Roberta! What a tremendous victory for you and haiku!

Kudos also to John Barlow, Editor of Snapshot Press, for publishing this spectacular book of poems. The haiku community eagerly awaits your next publication.


Michael Dylan Welch said...

Yes, this is grand news indeed for haiku. Bravo to Roberta Beary and John Barlow for thinking outside the haiku box to submit the book in the first place. Hopefully more haiku poets will be motivated in similar ways. Haiku poets have put themselves in a ghetto, and they need to venture out!

Michael Dylan Welch

Area 17 said...

Congratulations to Roberta! ;-)
Well done on a finely edited book Snapshot Press!

Snapshot Press have brought out quite a few excellent haiku collections already, and the forthcoming haiku anthology Wing Beats is also causing a bit of a stir.

A few of us do think outside the haiku box, but it's tremendous when a poet of Ron Silliman's stature sticks his neck out and commends a number of books including this haiku book.

But I can see by reading Roberta's book why it would appeal, and anyone who buys the book will see why too.

I now can't wait for Roberta's next book, but will continue to read and reread The Unworn Necklace.

all my very best,