Saturday, February 16, 2008

Magnapoets Arrives!

I received my contributors copy of the highly anticipated Magnapoets journal in the mail yesterday. I've updated the free verse, haiku, and tanka areas of my website to include the poems that I'm blessed and pleased to have in this premiere issue.

My sincere thanks, congratulations, and praise to Aurora Antonovic and Nick Zegarac who nurtured an idea that has produce an excellent print publication.

Kudos also to the other Magnapoets journal team members, Ursula T. Gibson, Marie Lecrivain, David Herrle, Matt Morden, and for the cover photograph by Milorad Pavic. Seriously folks, I awoke this morning to find my issue still in my hand. :-)

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with former US Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky. I will definitely purchase Gulf Music.

Congratulations also to the poets and story-tellers in this issue. I know you share my enthusiasm in being part of this literary event.

Here's a sampling of the many fine poems:

Free Verse:

Heavenly Scars
        by Collin Barber

As a child,
his parents awakened him
by turning on the lights
in his room.

They did not understand
that this terrified him.

Light became the scalpel
that would carve heavenly scars
into his unripe mind.

He cowered in the light
for the rest of his life.
He chewed on darkness,
and his breath became shadow.

When the mornings came
he opened his eyes
only to see if he could slow
the heartbeat of his dying world.

In the darkness of night
he closed his eyes,
because once again, he failed.


snow in the city
nobody home
in the cardboard box

        Bill Kenney


walking on the beach
my granddaughter
picks up a shell
remarks on its intricacy
then tosses it into the sea

        Patricia Prime

Single issues are available for $5.00 in the United States and Canada, and $7.00 per issue for international orders.

Submission guidelines and subscription information are located at


Bill said...

Curtis, I deeply appreciate your mentioning my poem, and I enthusiastically second your endorsement of this journal. Your work in free verse, haiku, and tanka is very fine indeed.

Curtis Dunlap said...

Bill, thank you for the kind words about my poems.

Your "snow in the city" haiku is powerful and really resonated with me. I immediately became concerned for the missing homeless person. Your ability to pull the reader into one of your poems is a testament to your skill as a writer.

BTW, please see my Haiku Three Questions post at my blog and, if you don't mind, send a reply to the same three questions to me via my gmail account.

Take care,